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March 2015

Happy International Women's Day: Celebrating the Women of Venice

DeborahLashever LisaGreen

Rock On, Lisa Green!

By Greta Cobar

Long Live Millie Mims!

By Suzy Williams

Deborah Lashever: Shero of Venice

By Greta Cobar

UPDATE: Gjelina’s Gjusta, Sauce, Kim’s Market, Rose Cafe - By Roxanne Brown

Net Neutrality Update: We Won! - By Anthony Castillo

Not An Interview with Paul Beethoven - By B. Meade


Inside the TEDex Conference: A Speaker's Perspective - By Brad Kay


Obit: Phillip Edward Lord - By Sam Abbes


Venice Beach: The People's Beach

By Peggy Lee Kennedy

Mechanical Car Lifts in Venice?

By Ilana Marosi

TheOldBeachheadcopy Beachhead400thphotostiffcmyk3004

The Official 4ooth Edition Song:

The Old Beachhead - Lyrics

The Old Beachhead - Musical Sheet

By Sam Clay, Suzy Williams, Brad Kay


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