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May 2015


The Venice meeting concerning the murder of Brendon Glenn - By Jim Smith

That Dark Parade: Protestors Take to Venice Streets Over Gentrification & Brendon Glenn's Killing - By Krista Schwimmer

Only Black Cops Go to Jail - By Greta Cobar


Mike Bonin, "Technically" Doing His Job - By Krista Schwimmer

We Must Stop the TPP/Fast Track and Patriot Act Renewal - By Anthony Castillo


758 Sunset Ave. PLUM Hearing - By Ivonne Guzman

Adding More Fake to the Fakery Update: Gjelina's Gjusta 320 Sunset, Sauce at 259 Hampton, and Simmzy's at 37 Washington - By Roxanne Brown

When Will Mike Meet with Venice? - By Mark Lipman

SMPD Profiling of Venice Homeless - By Brian Connolly

Press Release from POWER


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