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August 2014


Above: Guitar in the Sunset; Photo: Michael Jost

It Struck! - By Greta Cobar


Will Venice Become a City of Strangers? - By Bruce Meade


I'm Not Pledging That! - By Deborah LaShever

All Aboard the Tram - By Marty Liboff

Kim's Market and 320 Sunset Updates - By Roxanne Brown

Z Budapest: Feminist Witch Who Fights Back - By Krista Schwimmer

RIP: Carol Pomerantz (12/07/1933 - 6/10/2014) - By Mina and Marty Liboff

Venice Artist Stephanie Visser…Still Standing and Thriving in the Venice Art Community - By Tina Lynch

How Far We Have Come - By Mark Lipman

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One Love - By Marty Liboff

August Beachhead, pdf file

Shogo Kubo - By Jason Hill

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