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July 2014

Happy 109th Birthday, Venice!


Venice, Burning to be Restored - By Jim Smith

L.A. Living in Vehicle Law Found Unconstitutional - By Peggy Lee Kennedy

California Coastal Commission's Decision to Demolish 8 Homes Demoralizes Venice - By Krista Schwimmer

Bonin Walks From Meeting - By Mary Getlein


The Raft - By Cal Porter

A Historytelling: Last Run - By Delores Hanney

John Johnson of Change-Links will be missed - By Clay Claiborne


A Parade Was Planned - By John Johnson

& Canceled - By Jane Gordon

Batman of Venice - By Krista Schwimmer


A Song to Abbot Kinney's Venice - By Marty Liboff

Wild and Wonderful Windward - By Marty Liboff


RIP: Eden Wingate Eastin Andes


LAPD Steps Up Harassment of Boardwalk Patrons - By Clay Claiborne

More or Less? - Spirit of Venice


Property Rights - By Mark Lipman

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