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June 2015


Above: Proposed office-building development for 601 OFW

A High-Tech Squeeze and Gridlock at OFW and Sunset Threaten to Take Venice Down - By John Davis

LAPD Murder Is Followed by Bonin’s Retaliation - By Greta Cobar

Lagoon Killers - By John Davis

A YEN FOR A HEN IN A PEN - By Marty Liboff

Six Degrees of Separation - By Sayne Maza


The Rosa Parks of Venice - By Deborah Lashever


Greta Says - By Greta Cobar

Brendon Glenn and the Teen Project - By Morgan Stewart

Historic OFW Houses to be Demolished - By Greta Cobar

An Artist's Journey - By Jack Neworth

Oil Spill Reaches Venice - photos by Ray Rae and Greta Cobar

600 Mildred Development - By Greta Cobar

New Bike Racks on OFW - By Greta Cobar

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